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Environment, health and safety

We are constantly striving to improve our performance in terms of quality, safety, and the preservation of the health and well-being of all our collaborators – while protecting the environment, since these are all fundamental factors for us. With this aim in mind, we have chosen to commit ourselves to integrating these requirements in all our corporate projects and in every decision-making process through raising awareness about this approach with our personnel and partners. Morally respecting our employees, customers and suppliers is a prime principle governing our corporate practice.

Winner of the regional CARSAT Alsace-Moselle Trophy, GAIATREND has been rewarded for its exemplary policy and perseverance in the field of safety. Because the well-being of our collaborators is a key issue, we are working on setting up ergonomic workstations. Safety also means ensuring our customers’ peace of mind by introducing flask caps certified to ISO 8317 standard. The packaging is re-sealable with a child-resistant closure.

We implement an ongoing policy of constant improvement based on a simple philosophy: total quality throughout the production line, in our products and technical and sales support. At GAIATREND, we constantly and voluntarily refer to the ISO 9001 standard benchmarks (both for the products and systems) in order to guarantee optimum organization.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy which is why we have adopted a common aim: Zero defects. This quality objective is not only relevant for our products but also for our after-sales service to help us fully understand our partners’ expectations and needs. To guarantee customer satisfaction in the medium and long-term, we are seeking to develop our resources in terms of competences and know-how. We have set up a quality system based on ongoing improvements with the ultimate aim of introducing an integrated management system.

On a constantly changing market, we are working upstream to meet the requirements of standard XP D 90-300-2 on e-liquids. Ongoing research into technical innovations is a source of enrichment for GAIATREND. Here, our laboratory and R&D Department work in close corporation, pooling their knowledge and know-how in their endeavor to find ever more pertinent developments thereby adopting a dynamic of continuous improvement.

Identifying, assessing and controlling major hazards in terms of the safety of our e-liquids is conducted by following the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). We assess the biological, chemical and physical hazards. Our stainless steel 316 machines and tools mean our manufacturing is up to food-grade standard and our flasks are certified free of bisphenol A. Our hygiene standards in the production unit are virtually in line with pharmaceutical laboratories (overshoes, lab coats, clean room etc.).

At GAIATREND, we firmly believe that it is the duty of industrial leaders to know exactly how to deal with environmental issues. This is why we have set up a series of measures guaranteeing ecological quality and providing our consumers with concrete proof of our actions.

Since it was launched, our company has adopted revolutionary materials and systems to protect humankind and nature alike. Our ultra-sophisticated technology aims at reducing the environmental impact of our activities as far as possible. We use renewable energy and limit our water consumption. Our collaboration with our waste service provider certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS18001 (safety) means we can reduce our solid and liquid waste by preferring recycling to destruction. Finally the organic ethyl alcohol used in the composition of our e-liquids, certified Ecocert N° FR-BIO-01, is made from cereals and the vegetable glycerin is EP-certified (European Pharmacopoeia) and certified Ecocert N° FR-BIO-01.

And these are just the main factors in a complex system developed by GAIATREND to ensure we only offer the very best in this field.