• Famille Martzel Gaiatrend


“Gaïatrend is the story of a father who sought to improve his children’s well-being. It is the story of an independent, family business with a humanist and innovative outlook”.

Gaïatrend incarnates a strong identity centered on respecting health and nature. It reflects the name’s etymological origins – “Gaia” being the “Earth-Mother” goddess of Greek mythology. Our corporate philosophy is based on four key values:

Customer satisfaction is a key factor for our success. As such, we make tailor-made products in close cooperation with our customers to meet their needs precisely. We a make a point of being in daily contact with the entire community of vapers.

At Gaïatrend, quality is an intrinsic part of our DNA. We therefore do our utmost to adhere to the most stringent QSE standards (Quality – Safety – Environment), thereby providing our customers with a guaranteed traceability and an irreproachable level of quality control. Our aim: Zero defects. To attain this, our in-house test laboratory conducts quality controls on our e-liquids at every stage of production.

Our ambition? To go ever further in discovering and creating new flavours. Thanks to our R&D laboratory, our flavourist can keep adding to our range of e-liquids.

We are particularly keen on our policy as an eco-responsible business and undertake to make products that are 100% French. We also do our utmost to reduce our impact on the environment: limiting waste production, using recyclable materials, decreasing water consumption, using renewable energy and optimizing staff travel etc.  These are the standard corporate practices we have instituted with a view to gaining certification as an eco-friendly business.