We kick off our introductions with Valérie -who is right in the spotlight for #TeamALFA!

Describe your career path within the company.
I have been employed at GAÏATREND since March 2013. Before then, I was a telephone operator, medical secretary and personal assistant in Germany. I began by working on the night shift in the laboratory for six months. Then I was transferred to the “labelling by hand” department and then packing. I started the job of receptionist just a few days ago.

What are your tasks?
I have a variety of tasks to do which makes this position very interesting. I welcome customers, either in person or on the phone, I direct them towards the right person, I stamp the mail and I manage the “contact” email box. I also assist the accounts department by writing payment reminders and I make sure the databases are up-to-date. Finally, I’m also in charge of scheduling bookings for the meeting rooms. Moving from a job in production to receptionist takes a bit of getting used to – especially when it comes to my work outfits. For 2 years I wore the regulatory laboratory outfit and now I can put on my high heels, smart casuals and add a bit of make-up.

In your opinion, what asset do you bring to the company?
I have seen how the company has developed and changed. I’ve been with the company for 2 years and I’ve worked in several departments. I’m therefore very familiar with the staff, products and processes. I also have a good level in English and German. As the company is spreading its wings on an international scale, these are important skills. This is why when I had my personal interview with the Management, they suggested that I should move on and become a receptionist. With my knowledge of the company, staff, products and customers and my previous professional experience, the Management decided that I had the skills required for this position, which is a sort of showcase for the company.

What you think of GAIATREND?
It’s a company that respects the human dimension. I’ve witnessed the technological improvements the company has brought in and ergonomics and the well-being of the personnel at work are really key aspects for the Management. What’s more, the work setting is really fantastic. The offices and other areas are adapted to our needs. That’s not the case in every company. The Management prioritises internal mobility and several others have had the opportunity of moving from production to an office job. It’s really motivating and rewarding for the personnel.

In your opinion, what does ALFALIQUID contribute to vaping?
I started vaping when I joined the company. I still smoke, but I vape more and more. For me, ALFALIQUID has provided me with an excellent alternative. What’s more, the quality of the products is undeniable and having worked in production I can tell you that this is really true. Some of my friends have tried out other brands, but I haven’t had positive feedback in terms of either quality or the taste. As far as I’m concerned, I have never been disappointed with ALFALIQUID products. And the packaging, the new labels and the DARK STORY range also enhance the brand. You can see how much work has gone into the graphics and this gives the products an extra touch.

ALFALIQUID in 3 words Innovation, quality, humanity.

What is your favourite creation? The fresh mint flavour.

Anything to add?
I invite everybody to try vaping – especially with ALFALIQUID products. And you can trust the packaging – the product really lives up to the brand image!