“From the outset, I was absolutely determined to stop my two sons from smoking tobacco. So I decided to set up the company Gaïatrend and then our brand Alfaliquid, in order to offer smokers a completely new alternative and a solution to stop smoking on a long-term basis while responding to a real challenge in terms of public health.”  Didier Martzel

Well-established in France, in Rohrbach-Lès-Bitche (57-Moselle) since 2008, the Gaïatrend Group ranks as the leading French manufacturer of e-liquids for e-cigarettes. In less than 6 years, the group has positioned its brand ALFALIQUID at the forefront of the leading stakeholders on the market today.

With over one hundred e-liquid flavours to its name, the Group continues to innovate every day and offer products that meet all the needs of the vaping community – from newbies to aficionados.

“Marketing our products abroad is the next logical step.” Olivier Martzel

Our Group is currently extending its excellence in the field of vaping well beyond French borders. With the legal context developing fast, Gaïatrend’s strength lies in our ability to open up markets abroad thanks to our innovative, top-quality products 100% manufactured in France. As expectations differ from one country to another, we have decided to take part in a number of international trade fairs devoted to the world of vaping in cities such as Warsaw, London, Shenzhen, Frankfurt, Birmingham and Verona.

What’s more, we are also developing several branches in parallel in the United States (New York), Eastern Europe and more recently in China. They help us to gain a finer grasp of foreign markets and identify the needs of vapers in other countries so that we can offer them ever more innovative products.

The flag of French know-how wielded by Gaïatrend has become a benchmark in the world of vaping today in Europe and North America, not forgetting our recent successes in China.