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Today, consumers quite rightly demand greater transparency in terms of the ingredients of the e-liquids they consume. E-liquids are the fuel inside electronic vaporizers and are made up of an aromatic mixture with the base containing vegetable glycerin (VG) combined with propylene-glycol (PG), flavouring, different densities of nicotine ranging from 0 mg/ml to 19.6 mg/ml and may, in some compositions, contain ethyl alcohol.

Also called glycerol, vegetable glycerin is a non-toxic, viscous, colorless and odorless liquid which tastes sweet. Used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, also generates the dense, full steam produced by e-vaporisers.

Propylene-glycol is a slightly viscous, little volatile, colorless and practically odorless liquid. Commonly used as a preservative in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries and for body hygiene products, propylene-glycol fills two major functions in e-liquids: it generates a light, fine vapor at low temperature and serves as a flavour enhancer by very faithfully reproducing the authentic aroma of the flavour.

The flavouring is what gives the e-liquid its individual flavour. It can be made up of natural or synthetic flavourings or a mixture of both. It reproduces the required flavour as faithfully as possible: fruit, drink, sweet or complex cocktail. Flavouring represents approximately 2 to 10% of an e-liquid.

The purpose behind using nicotine is to create the throat hit sensation which corresponds to the contraction of the larynx when the vapour is inhaled. It is added in products made for smokers and ex-smokers. Let us not forget that nicotine is not a harmful substance in itself, although it is addictive.